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Turnkey System Designs and Installation for VRF Systems in Ottawa

At Longhill Energy, we specialize in VRF systems across industries and applications. While we rely on our trusted VRF systems manufacturers, LG, for efficient, high-quality products, we have the tools and expertise to provide turnkey system designs for VRF as a total-building solution.

How did VRF Systems Evolve?

Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) systems are an updated approach to building HVAC – and the 40 years of use and development only seems recent when compared with a century of water-based climate control (hydronics). We began using water to move energy around our dwellings long ago, recognizing its high energy density and the ease of movement (you can pump a whole floor of heat through a small pipe). At the same time, the refrigeration cycle remains our most effective means of providing cooling.

Improved Heating Efficiency and Top-Notch Performance

With improvements in controls and refrigeration technology, VRF systems allow us to take a step further, and eliminate the water in our building-wide energy control schemes.

Some of the advantages of modern day VRF systems are:

  • Flexibility and versatility: VRF systems enable the use of refrigerant to move energy around our buildings with similar efficiency and even greater energy density than hydronic-based systems. This means even greater flexibility in installation, and broad application in retrofits.
  • Environment-friendly features: The smart controls within the units also allow for efficient recycling of energy between zones with contradictory calls; moving one occupant’s unneeded heat to an occupant that is too cold. Being an electricity-centric technology also offers extensive de-carbonization opportunities as our energy distribution strategies and expectations continue to change.

Innovative VRF Systems for your next HVAC Project or Upgrade

Now in their 5th generation of major development, our LG VRF systems and equipment provide more flexibility than ever before. These units are designed for operation on our 575V power, in our -40 degree climate, with the components necessary to integrate with custom air handling units or even supplementary hydronic heat where available.

Explore our complete range of VRF systems and solutions from LG and get in touch with our technical experts today.

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