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Commercial or Industrial Make-up Air Units in Ottawa

At Longhill Energy, we specialize in the installation of quality commercial or industrial make-up air units across multi-industry applications in Ottawa and across Ontario.

Our trusted brand, Nortek Air Solutions brings decades of experience and expertise in manufacturing innovative air handling solutions for clean, healthy and comfortable building environments.

Superior Indoor Air Quality for Comfortable Building Environments

From improving indoor air quality and maximizing performance, to ensuring system reliability and achieving low sounds, our extensive range of commercial make-up air units serve a variety of industries, including education, healthcare, data centers, offices, cleanrooms and other manufacturing setups.

How do Commercial Make-up Air Units Create Better Building Environments?

Make-Up Air Units (MUAs or MAUs) are a subset of Air Handling Units (AHUs) which handle only the fresh air required to resupply the air exiting the building. They make-up the air exhausted due to design or leakage.This is an energy intensive portion of HVAC systems due to the large volume of air often required, and the significant disparity between the outdoor conditions and those desired indoors.

Large MUA units may fall into the custom AHU segment, but owing to their singular purpose, many make-up air unit needs can be satisfied with semi-custom solutions. Specificity in MUA solutions include:

  • The source of heat, such as natural gas (condensing or low efficiency), or
  • The source of cooling, such as building chilled water or packaged DX (a direct expansion refrigerant system).

There are many methods of control as well. In the past, units have operated constantly at a set air flow. Units were then designed to vary their flow by schedule, to reduce energy use when it was presumed to be unnecessary. Now we have units that can determine the building requirements by pressure, or occupancy produced CO2, and respond proportionally to provide the greatest comfort with a minimum of energy consumption and waste.

Get innovative technology, enhanced cost-efficiency and unparalleled service and support for make-up air units in Ottawa and the rest of Ontario. Check out our lineup of revolutionary MAUs that can handle 100% outdoor air supply up to 115,000 cfm.

Product Brands

Longhill Energy has unparalleled access to many of the world’s leading HVAC manufacturers and their unique technologies.