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Commercial and Industrial Humidifiers from Condair

Humidifiers are an exciting and versatile technology with applications throughout the commercial, institutional, and industrial segments.

Innovative Technology and Powerful Solutions for Improved Health and Comfort

Maintaining the humidity in your premises provides greater comfort and health for clients, staff, and occupants. In addition to increased productivity and occupancy, humidity control is a must-have for environments where sensitive materials are manipulated or processed. Printing facilities, wood handling shops, and laboratory or process areas without humidity control will be subject to static interference and issues caused by material dimensional instability (change in size or warpage).

What is Different about Condair Adiabatic Humidifers?

An exciting revolution in building science is evolving with the use of adiabatic cooling. Adiabatic humidifiers use the huge latent energy potential available when water evaporates to cool spaces while adding beneficial humidity! While the idea by itself is an old one, Condair is at the forefront of new innovations in controls and materials to create broader application across segments. Our focus is on garnering maximum energy efficiency and lowest operational costs for our clients. Our advanced technical capabilities not only help in humidity control, but also have a far-reaching positive impact on the cooling costs and capacities of the buildings we serve.

Explore Our Complete Range of Commercial and Industrial Humidifiers

We have an extensive lineup of commercial and industrial humidifiers in every size and technology.From energy-saving adiabatic versions, to versatile electric technology models, and the powerful, condensing gas models, Condair products set new standards in innovative, energy-efficient, and hygienic solutions.

For more information on our commercial and industrial humidifiers in Ottawa or the rest of Ontario, speak to the experienced technicians at Condair today.

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