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Bulldog Heat Pumps in Ottawa and Eastern Ontario

Commercial heat pumps are a high-performance way to provide independent heating and cooling throughout your Ottawa or Eastern Ontario premises 365 days a year. Most commercial heat pumps utilize a common hydronic loop (Water Source Heat Pumps – WSHPs) and require only 2 pipes to provide cooling and heating in any zone at any time. The hydronic loop is kept at a moderate temperature, often using geothermal energy or traditional hot and cold sources. These units use a reversing refrigeration circuit to move the heating or cooling load of each tenant space into the water loop as required.

Energy Efficient Heating and Cooling Solutions for Commercial Premises

Heat pumps are a mature, dependable technology that can provide decades of hassle-free service. Advancing technology continues to provide greater comfort and efficiency for today’s heat pumps users. We have tens of thousands of heat pumps in service in Ottawa and other areas in Eastern Ontario.  We continue to apply commercial heat pumps across markets, from offices and hotels, to luxury condominiums and assisted living premises.

Why Consider Bulldog Heat Pumps

Bulldog Heat Pumps are unique, as they use the water in the hydronic loop to heat the air directly, without operating their refrigeration system. This means reduced noise generationduring heating and increased electrical efficiency for lower cost operations. Bulldog units are a straightforward evolution of the heat pump that provides obvious benefits with simplified operation.

For high-rise buildings, integrating an Energy Recovery Ventilator (ERV or HRV) as a packaged option provides for energy and space-efficient delivery of fresh air for building occupants.

With decades of successful installations utilizing Bulldog Heat Pump Systems, as well as conventional reversing heat pumps, we can provide the best commercial heat pump systems for your projects in Ottawa or Eastern Ontario.

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