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Quality Commercial Retrofit and Custom Fan Coils in Ottawa

Commercial or industrial fan coils come in numerous shapes and sizes and are a critical requirement in an extensive assortment of applications.  Aptly named, fan coils comprise a fan to move air over coils with circulating hot or cold water.

Wide Choice of Finishes and Configurations

There are two distinct types of commercial or industrial fan coil systems:

  • Two pipe units: These units have one coil that provides heating or cooling, depending on the season. The building-wide hydronic system is configured to provide one or the other. Essentially, cooling would not be available when the building is in heating mode, and these units may include a ‘back-up’ electric heater to provide heat for tenants when the building is operating in cooling mode.
  • Four-pipe units: These units have two coils, one each for heating or cooling. The building will provide cold and hot hydronic supply year-round, allowing tenants to utilize each coil as needed at any time.

A well applied, high-performance fan coil will include a variety of control features, dehumidification, energy saving and quiet ECM motors, and include finishes or configurations to suit each zone..

For high-rise buildings, integrating an Energy Recovery Ventilator (ERV or HRV) as a packaged option provides for energy and space-efficient delivery of fresh air for building occupants.

At Longhill Energy, we specialize in a wide range of commercial or industrial retrofit fan coils for clients across Ottawa and the rest of Ontario. With options for vertical and horizontal units, our high-performance systems are energy efficient, versatile, and quiet. We customize fan coils in a variety of sizes, motor control options, construction techniques, materials and finishes.

For commercial or industrial retrofits, and custom fan coils in Ottawa and the rest of Ontario, check out our energy efficient and reliable product lineup at Engineered Comfort.

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ENVIRO-TEC products for zone control air conditioning meet the highest standards for quiet, efficient performance

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