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Commercial and Industrial Energy Recovery Ventilators (ERVs) in Ottawa

Longhill Energy’s Nortek Air Solutions offer an extensive range of smart and efficient ERVs in Ottawa and the rest of Ontario. Essentially, a commercial or industrial Energy Recovery Ventilator (ERV) helps provide occupants with fresh air efficiently. Heat Recovery Ventilators (HRVs) serve the same purpose, although there are important differences as noted below.

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With rapid advancements in building science, the benefits, expectations, and requirements for fresh air in occupied spaces have also grown and evolved. Heating or cooling outdoor air for supply indoors is very energy intensive, especially in our volatile climate. ERVs and HRVs help mitigate this energy use by allowing energy exchange between the temperate indoor air being exhausted and the incoming fresh air.

  • Heat Recovery Ventilators: HRVs allow only the exchange of thermal energy. Water vapour or moisture in the air streams is not communicated between them. This is often referred to as “Sensible” energy transfer, and an example would be an energy transfer device that separates the two air streams with aluminum sheets.
  • Energy Recovery Ventilators: ERVs allow the exchange of thermal energy and humidity between air streams (often referred to as “Latent” energy). Both sensible and latent energy can be referred to as “Total” energy, or Enthalpy, as it reflects the entirety of the energy within the airstreams. For this reason, ERV can also represent Enthalpy Recovery Ventilators, and they refer to the same equipment! These units often use a special porous membrane to let vapour and thermal energy be exchanged, without gaseous contamination between air streams. There are many alternate technologies available as well.

Although exchanging the “total” energy might sound like a good idea all the time, there are some applications where we don’t need or want more humidity. For this reason, preference for an ERV of HRV extends beyond the name. This is where we can help!

Beyond the function, there are many technologies across all sizes to fit applications from single-bedroom residential buildings to large warehouses or hospital needs. Energy Recovery Ventilation is typically complimentary to the entirety of the building mechanical system. We have a complete array of technologies and product lines, and the extensive experience to properly apply them.

For increased comfort and productivity, count on the professionals at Longhill Energy. We can direct you to our custom HVAC solutions experts at Nortek Air Solutions and help you select the right commercial or industrial ERVs in Ottawa or the rest of Ontario.

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