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Commercial, Industrial and General Purpose Dehumidifiers

Longhill Energy has been delivering applied dehumidification to spaces across Eastern Ontario for over 4 decades. We specialize in a wide range of commercial, industrial and general purpose dehumidifiers, including pool dehumidifiers in Ottawa and the rest of Ontario.

The moisture in our indoor environments represents a significant portion of the energy in the space, essentially making dehumidification an energy-intensive process. Hence, it is highly important to consider the available technologies and attain an energy-efficient solution for your project or establishment.

Expertise in a Range of Dehumidification Technologies

Mechanical dehumidifiers: Mechanical dehumidifiers use a refrigerant system to cool the air, bringing it to a point where the water is removed as condensation. The energy used to cool the air is re-admitted using the hot refrigerant gas to maintain the temperature in the space; this reheat process can be controlled to provide air with properties as requested by the space. If cooling is required, the excess heat may be expelled with an outdoor condenser, similar to a traditional air conditioner.

Desiccant humidifiers: A typical desiccant dehumidification system uses special materials which preferentially attract moisture, desiccants, attached to a rotating wheel. The wheel rotates continuously to alternately expose the desiccants to the humid indoor air (where they absorb the moisture), then expose the desiccants to a warmer, drier airstream where the moisture is released. This process provides a high degree of control and wide operational limits, which makes it suitable for specialized applications.

Pool dehumidifiers: Some spaces allow a high volume of air turnover and have high allowable temperature and humidity levels, such as indoor pools (natatoriums). These spaces may be able to effectively dehumidify by displacing the humid air with outdoor air. This is a suitable strategy when the energy associated with conditioning the outdoor air for indoor use is lower than the energy cost of reconditioning the air in the space to the desired setpoint.

These dehumidification technologies are available in both unitized and custom configurations of all sizes. The desired operating temperature, humidity, and the facility layout are often defining factors in technology selection for commercial, industrial or general-purpose dehumidifiers.

With access to a complete range of dehumidification technologies, and significant experience and capability in the custom air handling segment, our staff is uniquely equipped to provide solutions for your project.

Learn more about our complete range of Dectron Dry-O-Tron commercial and industrial dehumidifiers in Ottawa and the rest of Ontario. Call 1-833-DAS-POOL (327-7665) today.

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