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Tower Tech Modular Commercial Cooling Towers in Ottawa, Ontario

Industrial or commercial cooling towers are a key piece of infrastructure for any large-scale facility or processing plant in Ottawa or the rest of Ontario. No other method of cooling is more effective within this footprint.

How do Commercial Cooling Towers Function?

Cooling towers provide an efficient interface between circulated outdoor air and warm hydronic or process water. Water circulating through the cooling tower transfers its excess heat to the air via convection and evaporation. The water, cooled to the temperature required by the facility, is then returned to the process.

Why Are Tower Tech Cooling Towers Better than the Best

Due to the size of the facilities serviced by industrial or commercial cooling towers, flexibility, reliability, and safety are key to protect the connected equipment and those relying on it.

Smart Technology, Innovative Cooling Solutions

Tower Tech industrial cooling towers provide these attributes in a manner no other manufacturer can.

  • Energy optimization: Flexible water and air flow parameters allow the Tower Tech cooling tower to match the requirements of a system seasonally and across varying operations. Varying the water and airflows while precisely matching the load allows for energy optimization between the cooling tower and connected equipment.
  • Reliability: The water and air-flow related flexibility also lends reliability when it is achieved by redundancy. Additionally, the ease of maintenance and access for staff is not only critical for personnel, but also increases equipment reliability and up-time.
  • Hygiene and safety: Cooling water cleanliness is a key safety consideration for occupants as well as maintenance staff. The more resistant a cooling tower is to the build-up detritus and sunlight penetration; the less water treatment will be required to keep biological contamination in check. The ability to service the cooling tower during operation without specialized lifting services or equipment can be hugely beneficial for healthcare or processing facilities that do not have allowable downtime.

For high quality products and enhanced cost-efficiency for industrial or commercial cooling towers in Ottawa and across Ontario, explore the revolutionary cooling technology from Tower Tech.

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