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Chillers are system components that use mechanical refrigeration to efficiently move thermal energy between two mediums. Typically, these units cool water for process or facility use, and transfer that heat to the outdoor air or a secondary source of cool water. The use of vapor-compression refrigeration in this process allows a high-volume energy exchange within a compact package.

Chillers are essential infrastructure for comfort cooling using chilled water, equipment cooling, and many process applications such as paper processing, breweries, etc.

Air cooled chillers allow for a compact, centralised cooling solution. They are both cost and space efficient, being delivered as a packaged system for outdoor installation. They can also be configured as indoor evaporators with outdoor condensing units if preferred. This packaging flexibility allows the building to run water without glycol, or conserve indoor space.

For very large systems, a set of water-cooled chillers may interface between the building and a cooling tower, to provide cooler than ambient water to the facility, and increase the capacity of the tower by providing it with warmer water. Water cooled chillers may take advantage of geothermal applications or other available water sources such as rivers. They also allow for energy recycling between systems that may have complimentary purposes.

Condensing units provide the outdoor heat rejection and compression of refrigerants for remote consumers requiring cold refrigerant, such as processes or custom air handling units.

Both water-cooled and air-cooled chillers (and condensers!) may be outfitted with a range of features and options. The compressor technology, either scroll, screw, or turbo-compressor (Turbocor), has a significant effect on the efficiency and range of operation of the chiller. Microchannel condensers can increase performance of the chiller by allowing greater heat transfer through the machine. Control strategies such as free cooling allow the unit to take advantage of favourable operating conditions and allow cooling with minimized mechanical input.

Specialised chillers for process use will have tighter control tolerances and a wide operational range to serve your manufacturing or environmental control needs.

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