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Gas-fired Commercial Boilers in Ottawa and Across Ontario

Quality Products, Dependable Service

As specialists in gas fired boilers for residential, commercial and industrial applications, our trusted brand, CAMUS® Hydronics Ltd. promises high-efficiency hydronic boilers with innovative designs and cutting edge technology.

How do Commercial Boilers Function?

The term “Boiler” refers to flow-though, gas-fired water heating appliances. In fact, we don’t sell any boilers that boil water! Modern day boilers serve the same purpose as much larger, older appliances which did fire water to the boiling point – providing enormous heating capacity for domestic, hydronic, or process requirements, with water or glycol as the medium. These appliances are now very compact, and provide very high condensing efficiencies, up to 99%. They have a broad operating range to satisfy connected equipment, typically as low as 4-10% of rated capacity.

Quality Products, Dependable Service

Since boilers serve as a nexus for connected equipment, good connectivity and control is important. Given the capacity and critical function of these appliances, their selection should be carefully considered.

At Longhill Energy, our line-up of commercial boilers covers equipment from 80,000 to 6 million BTUs, using either propane or natural gas. We have a broad range of technologies and extensive experience in the application of commercial or hydronic boilers for multi-industry clients across Ottawa and the rest of Ontario.

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Product Brands

Longhill Energy has unparalleled access to many of the world’s leading HVAC manufacturers and their unique technologies.