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Custom, Semi-Custom and Commercial Air Handling Units in Ottawa and Across Ontario

Commercial or industrial Air Handling Units (AHUs) are pieces of building-scale equipment that provide conditioned air for an entire facility, or a large part thereof. Our trusted brand of Nortek Air Solutions can provide semi-custom, custom or retrofit AHUs that:

  • Meet your ventilation and air handling requirements
  • Satisfy any size, sound, or air quality constraints
  • Conform to industry standards and energy efficiency norms
  • Provide enhanced airflow performance and redundancy

What are the Key Functions of Commercial Air Handling Units?

Typically AHUs manage the fresh outdoor air, return air, exhaust, and the air being supplied into the building. Necessarily, that means incorporating filtration, heating, cooling, heat recovery (ERV/HRV), and humidity control as required for the space. Building this large, complex equipment offsite allows for optimization and space savings. However, the equipment’s large size often poses unique challenges when it must be shipped in sections for transport or designed to enter the building through a restrained opening.

Build Clean and Energy-Efficient Building Environments

Factors such as the increasing air delivery and efficiency expectations of clientele, and cleanliness and reliability concerns of hospitals and other critical infrastructure projects, demand a wealth of experience and capability from AHU designers and manufacturers.

Explore Our Complete Range of Custom Commercial or Industrial Air Handling Units

At Longhill Energy, we have extensive experience and capability providing custom AHUs across Ottawa and the rest of Ontario. Our focus is on tailor-made solutions that meet the unique requirements and needs of each project. Our portfolio of solutions spans across segments and technologies; from adiabatic or isothermal humidification, alpha-plate dehumidification, to condensing-gas or integrated heat-pump DX heating systems – we have the ability to optimize and contrast each solution without bias.

Build clean and energy-efficient building environments with the help of our quality products and dependable service. For more information on custom or semi-custom air handling unitsin Ottawa and across Ontario, speak to one of our experienced technicians today.

Product Brands

Longhill Energy has unparalleled access to many of the world’s leading HVAC manufacturers and their unique technologies.