LG Multi V 5 VRF Systems – Advanced Technology Features & Benefits

LonghillEnergy LG Multi V 5 VRF

LG Multi V 5 VRF systems continue to provide industry-leading technologies to better serve the needs of the Canadian HVAC industry. Here’s what’s new:

  • Air-source units capable of both heat pump and heat recovery operation ranging in capacity from 6-48 tons are now available in 575V.
  • These units can deliver heat with COPs above 2.0 at ambient temperatures as low as -30C.  
  • They feature intelligent defrost systems which respond to both outdoor ambient conditions and indoor spaces loads in real time to limit the losses associated with coil frosting. 
  • Built-in hot gas heating prevents ice accumulation at bottom part of the heat exchanger if defrost operation is required.

For 2021, LG has also made their entire range of water source VRF units available in 575V

2 Key advantages include:

  1. Direct connection to these higher voltage systems unique to Canada help reduce operation and installation costs by removing the need for additional equipment such as transformers. 
  2. These quiet and compact units allow buildings to leverage the efficiency of geothermal applications, district heating/cooling loops and other waste energy streams. 

Additional LG Commercial HVAC Products

LG also offers a complete line of single and multi-split commercial products capable of year-round low ambient cooling operation. Stable and reliable cooling operation can be provided at ambient temperatures down to -40C when properly equipped.  Critical applications including sever rooms, elevator machine rooms and hydro vaults are easily addressed with both ducted and ductless versions of these split systems.

  • Split systems featuring the LGRED (Reliable to Extreme Degrees) heating technology can deliver 100% of their rated capacity down to -15C and continuous heating operation down to -25C.  Even at these freezing temperatures, heat is captured from the ambient air and delivered with twice the efficiency of traditional electric heat.
  • The Multi F systems with LGRED also feature a SEER rating of up to 21, qualifying them for ENERGY STAR® certification.   

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